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Prophesy-infused Politics
Eser Turan

Eser Turan

13 July 2020

Much to our chagrin, Turkey's ongoing battle with Western politics results in a decree that redesignates Hagia Sophia as a mosque. Honoring Muslim expectations that view the building's 1453 conversion as Prophet Mohammed's first prophecy fulfilled against the mysterious figure called 'the Antichrist', this 2020 reconversion is well-timed to position President Erdogan as 'Mahdi', the prophesized savior of the Muslim world, passifying his grumbling voter base.

This hardly works for the International Turkish community however. Bombarded with questions and comments, we face a daunting task that requires us to discuss the power of mysticism in Turkish politics. For those that are not well-equipped, 'The Protector' on Netflix comes to our rescue. 

HAZ Premier Place in London also helps. Boasting modern interiors, the classy decor showcases a unique design approach that reflects the somber meditation we seek in the West. Such subtle moves of brilliance can also be seen in Sevan Bicakci's imperial designs, as documented in 'Timekeeper'

That grandeur generally translates as generosity, recently exemplified in TASC's drive to extend free care to New Jersey residents, a formidable effort that surpassed the welfare plan of the US government.  

Charting out on a unique path, Alev Ozten's underwater explorations in the Caribbean present a wonderful example of Turkish comfort with the wild and the unexpected. As she shares her experience, our warrior genes receive a boost to further take the road less traveled.

Wishing you a fun vacation filled with great explorations,

Eser Turan
Founder and Editor

Turkey reverts Hagia Sophia back to mosque
13 July 2020
Hagia Sophia is back to being a mosque to lift restrictions on religious freedoms and allow prayers, set to start on July 24th. All historic features of the structure will continue to be preserved and protected. The building will remain open to visitors and tourists, just like the Blue Mosque.
Pope pains over the decision
13 July 2020
'My thoughts go to Istanbul. I think of Santa Sophia and I am very pained,' said Pope Francis during his weekly blessing in St. Peter’s Square.
Hagia Sophia's transformation
13 July 2020
Situated on a hill overlooking the Sea of Marmara and the Bosphorus, Hagia Sophia was built as a Byzantine church in 537, transformed into a mosque in 1453, and converted to a museum in 1934, now reverting once again to mosque.


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Fourth season of The Protector
Showcasing the majesty of Istanbul, the fourth season of ‘The Protector’ runs full throttle on Netflix charts, starring Cagatay Ulusoy as time-traveling Hakan, fighting to save Istanbul from darkness.

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HAZ Bar & Restaurant
Established in 2001, HAZ is a celebration of modern Mediterranean cooking, offering delicious grilling and mouth watering cocktails. Owner and founding partner Zafer Cicek runs six branches in London.

    HAZ Premier Place

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    Hollywood jeweller Sevan Bicakci's
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    history, imagery, and architecture into
    award-winning creations. 'Timekeeper'
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Turkish Therapy

Flying to more countries than any other airline, Turkish Airlines treats you to a delicious cuisine, extensive inflight entertainment and plenty of legroom on your way to the legendary turquoise waters of your "Turkish Therapy".

TASC offers free Covid tests
Turkish-American National Steering Committee (TASC) collaborates with Turks Abroad (YTB) to give out free Covid-19 tests to struggling communities in New Jersey during Friday prayers.

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Caribbean diver Alev Ozten
Bonaire resident Turkish-American social scientist Alev Ozten documents the underwater world in the Caribbean for over a decade. Her work receives due appreciation in Turkish media.


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